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2000+ hours
100% Ruby on rails, with TDD, Continuos integration, code metrics by CodeClimate
Kanban metodology
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About this project

I will always remember this place with pride. Rankia has, with no doubt marked a milestone in my career path.

Although it has not been my first contact with Ruby on Rails I can affirm this is the company where I’ve learnt more about this tecnology. And not only about it! Rankia has been, for me, a place where I discovered the path to mastery.
Not only because I deep learned Ruby on Rails, or because improved my domain of GIT, neither because I learned to work with Test Driven Development. The most important thing I learnt there is about my job. I understood that programming is not an industry, but a trade. Crafting software with care and quality make a big difference between an unprofitable work and a well paid one.

Moreover through this company and my colleagues  I got in touch with the local developers community, made by meetups, talks, coding dojos, hacknights and so on.

Before Rankia a was only a technical guy writing code. Now I’m a professional fullstack developer.  I owe most of my successes to them.