Ecommerce for Italy, Poland, Portugal, Argentina and Belgium

2 years
100% Ruby on rails, with TDD, Continuos integration, code metrics by rubycritic
Scrum with Jira-agile plugin
5 countries: Poland, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Argentina

About this project

The biggest challenge of Norauto were starting from scratch with an inherited project.

There were no documentation, no methodology, no processes, no team. In fact we were the first development team in all the corporation, until that moment all the development was externalized to consulting companies.

It was my first experience as team leader too. I had to build a team hiring 2 other guys, build a work environment with defined processes and maintain an existing code duplicated 5 times, each country(Portugal, Poland, Italy, Argentina and Belgium) with its own customizations, no code had test coverage.

After one year we managed to have only one source code, deploy it automatically in any country, with an acceptable test coverage and with quality metrics helping us to improve it constantly.

Sadly after two years, the Board of Directors decided to cancel our department and slice up the project giving to each country the control of its own ecommerce.